Professional tattoo removal Gold Coast

From the deepest black through to a wide range of colours, whether you want to eliminate it completely or fade it so you can tattoo again over it, our tattoo removal technology is what you are looking for!

At Gold Coast Laser Skin Clinic, nothing matters more to us than your skin.

That’s why with our treatment, you will achieve excellent results without marks, blemishes, or scars. Our safe and 100% reliable process shatters ink into minute fragments, making it easier for your body’s lymphatic system to naturally eliminate it.

Without using acids, our non-invasive system introduces you to a world where you no longer have to live with tattoo regret.

If you have already started your tattoo removal treatment with other methods and the results are not what you expected or other treatments have left you with scars, maybe our tattoo removal experts can help!

We invite you to contact us today to learn more about tattoo removal in the Gold Coast.

Safe, medical-grade lasers

Permanent results

Minimal downtime

Effective on all colours

How does laser tattoo removal technology work?

PicoWave: the gold standard in safe and effective tattoo removal technology

Today’s advanced laser technology makes tattoo removal safer and easier than ever before.

We use and trust the PicoWave laser for professional tattoo removal in the Gold Coast.

This powerful, medical-grade laser removes tattoos by targeting and shattering the pigment in tattoo ink with high-intensity light beams.

The pigment breaks apart and is naturally absorbed by the body and flushed out through the body’s natural process, resulting in the gradual fading of the tattoo.

The PicoWave laser has multiple wavelengths to cover the broadest spectrum of tattoo styles and colours, including:

  • Colourful tattoos
  • Fine line tattoos
  • Black and grey shaded tattoos
  • ealism tattoos
  • Portrait tattoos
  • Tribal and blackwork tattoos
  • Americana tattoos
  • Japanese tattoos

Tattoos created using black ink are the easiest to remove because black pigment absorbs all laser wavelengths. Blues and greens are moderate, while yellow tends to be the most difficult ink to remove.

Am I a good candidate for laser tattoo removal?

The good news is that all tattoos can indeed be considered for removal.

If you have been thinking about laser tattoo removal, we invite you to get in touch with our laser specialist today to discuss your needs and reasonable expectations.

And while we can’t perform miracles, what we can do is deliver highly effective laser tattoo removal treatments to the highest standard that prioritise your health and safety.

The best candidates are those who:

  • Do not smoke
  • Are generally in good health
  • Have realistic expectations

Preparing for your tattoo removal treatment

It’s critical you follow the instructions from your laser technicians leading up to your treatment and following each of your sessions.

Before your treatment:

  • Skin cannot be treated after tanning so please avoid exposure to the sun for 4-6 weeks before your sessions
  • Do not use fake tanning products before your session
  • Avoid using any lotions, fragrances, or moisturisers for 3 days before your session
  • You must inform us if you are using any topical products that cause sensitivity, such as retinol
  • Ensure you eat and are well hydrated before your treatment
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing to maximise your comfort following treatment

Why people choose to remove their tattoo

Why people choose to remove their tattooNo matter what stage of life you’re in, the type of tattoo you have, or how much you loved it in the past, the fact of the matter is that for many of us, we reach a certain point where we no longer want our ink.

Poor workmanship

In some cases, people have unfortunately chosen unqualified or inexperienced artists for their tattoos in the past, and have ended up with less than satisfactory artwork which they now regret and choose to remove.

Tattoo cover-ups

Tattoo cover-ups are popular when you want to replace or rework an existing tattoo into something new. Tattoo removal is an optional first step that prepares your skin for a new piece of art.

The art no longer represents you

Whether the tattoo reminds you of a painful memory from the past or your values and beliefs simply no longer align with it, many people find relief in the ability to remove their older tattoo.

You simply don’t like it anymore

You’ve simply grown to no longer like the particular piece of artwork or the way the tattoo looks on you. As you’ve grown, your tastes have changed and you now want to explore your options to remove your tattoo.

Finding a laser tattoo
removal clinic you can trust

At Gold Coast Laser Skin Clinic, we perform treatments for people just like you, who decide to rethink their ink and opt for permanent removal.

Your satisfaction is our first priority. That’s why we have built plenty of time into our appointments so we can sit and discuss your procedure honestly and in detail.

The three most common questions our tattoo removal experts

We understand that tattoo removal can be as big a decision as choosing to get a tattoo, which is why we make it our mission to arm our clients with insight, information, and education, to ensure they can truly feel confident in their decision.

The three most common questions our tattoo removal experts get asked are: Can you make my tattoo disappear? How long will it take? And what will my skin look like afterwards?

We aim to deliver professional, realistic, and accurate information to our clients, in order to help them confidently trust us for effective tattoo laser removal on the Gold Coast.

Can you make my tattoo disappear?

Unfortunately, this answer isn’t quite as straightforward as you may have hoped, as the reality is there are many factors that impact the effectiveness of laser tattoo removal, including the size of the tattoo, the colours used, and its age.

During your consultation, we can offer you pragmatic insight and a realistic timeline that can help you achieve your goals.

How long will laser tattoo removal take?

Again, this can vary depending on the type of tattoo, including the density of the ink.

In some cases, you may see a difference after just a single session, but darker, more colourful, or larger tattoos will usually require multiple sessions.

Some tattoos can be removed in two to four sessions, while others may take five to eight sessions or even more. To offer full transparency, we find most tattoos take a minimum of six sessions to remove.
Sessions are generally spaced six weeks apart.

These timelines are subjective, but your laser removal specialist can help set realistic milestones depending on your unique circumstances.

What will my skin look like afterwards?

Immediately after the treatment, your skin may feel inflamed and slightly swollen – a sensation that can be described as similar to sunburn.

It is important to carefully follow the after-care instructions provided to you by your laser technician following each removal session to improve the chances that your skill will return to normal following successful fading and removal. Applying a cold compress can help cool the area and facilitate healing between sessions.

Your laser specialist will prescribe a customised schedule that allows your skin to heal in between sessions.

Our pricing

Book a single session or take advantage of our prepaid packs.

Treatment One Treatment Pre-Pay 3+ Pre-Pay 6+  
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Photo gallery

See some impressive before and after images of some of our own clients after single or multiple sessions.


I was hesitant at first, but after my sessions with Neil, I’m thrilled with the results. He provided a safe, comfortable environment and her expertise in vaginal whitening is unparalleled. The change is noticeable and I feel more confident. His gentle approach and attention to detail made all the difference. Travelling 45 minutes for his services was absolutely worth it. A well-deserved 5 stars!


Neil at Gold Coast Laser and Skin Clinic is amazing! His vaginal whitening service is top-notch. He’s friendly, professional, and really puts you at ease. The clinic is clean and welcoming. I saw a noticeable difference after just a few sessions. Neil’s expertise in this area is evident, and I appreciate his straightforward approach. Highly recommend!


I had a fantastic experience with Neil for vaginal bleaching!!! He’s not only skilled but also very understanding and sensitive to your needs. The results are exactly what I hoped for – subtle and natural. The clinic’s environment is comfortable and professional. I’m so glad I chose them for my treatment.


Neil from Gold Coast Laser and Skin Clinic is the go-to for vaginal whitening. He’s knowledgeable and takes time to explain everything. The process was comfortable and the results were beyond my expectations. His approach is gentle, and the clinic has a relaxing atmosphere!

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Gold Coast Laser and Skin Clinic, especially Neil, exceeded my expectations for vaginal bleaching. Neil is an expert in his field, providing a service that’s both effective and respectful. The results are fantastic, giving me a new level of confidence. I highly recommend their services!