What to look for in a laser skin clinic in the Gold Coast

November 30, 2022

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When it comes to taking care of your skin, visiting a specialist laser skin clinic can be highly beneficial.

Laser treatments are designed to improve the texture, tone and overall appearance of your skin, while tattoo removal in particular can reduce the appearance of ink you regret or are simply no longer fond of.

But how do you know which clinic is right for you? Here are three key tips you can follow when searching for a specialist skin and laser clinic.

How do I choose a good skin clinic?

1. Look at the type of laser technology used

If you’re considering laser treatments, it is important to research the type of laser technology your specialist uses. This can help you determine the reliability of service and desired results.

Even a basic understanding of how lasers work and what type of laser your specialist uses can make all the difference when it comes to getting the results you want.

Each type of laser has its own unique benefits and is suitable for treating different skin conditions and concerns.

At Gold Coast Laser & Skin Clinic, we trust and use the PicoWave laser. This advanced laser technology has a range of wavelengths, making it an effective solution for a range of treatments.

One such treatment is tattoo removal in the Gold Coast.

This is an excellent example to help prospective customers understand the laser’s versatility. Adjustable settings allow us to target tattoos in a range of different colours, shades, and styles. One system can do it all!

Here are some popular examples:

Colourful tattoos

Also known as American Traditional tattoos, this style is colour-heavy. With our specialist lase, we can adjust wavelengths to effectively target each different colour or shade. Some shades are harder to remove, like yellow, blue, or purple, compared to absorbent shades like black.

Fine line tattoos

Clean and minimalist with sharp angles, this intricate tattoo style is hugely popular. Fine line tattoos tend to fade quicker than heavily coloured or shaded inks..

Black and grey shade tattoos

This highly detailed style relies on different shades of black and grey to create depth, shadows, and angles. Black and grey respond well to lasers.

Tribal or blackwork tattoos

Black is one of the easiest colours to remove by laser, as black pigment absorbs all wavelengths.

2. Check out online reviews and portfolio

One of the best ways to get an accurate assessment of the quality of service provided is to read reviews from past and current clients.

Online reviews are easy to find and are an excellent identifier of the care and service received. Many people look towards reviews, relating to those who have had similar experiences to them.

This is a highly important qualifying factor, as it helps to strengthen a skin clinic’s reputation and makes a wonderfully positive impression on a potential client. Reviews tell prospects:

The experience and knowledge of clinic specialist

Standard of care provided


Quality of results achieved

Reading through reviews before choosing a laser clinic is one of the best ways to ensure that you get reliable and trustworthy care at an affordable price point with excellent results – all while feeling confident in the experience level of your clinic professionals!

Before & After images

Before & After images are also a fantastic way to visually share your skills and outcomes.

For tattoo removal in particular, it’s a brilliant way to see the difference in appearance after just a single session! Check us out on Instagram to see some impressive results.

3. Ensure that you feel educated and well-informed

For many of us, navigating the waters of laser tattoo removal or any other kind of laser treatment is a bit out of our depth. And that’s OK!

In most cases, a prospective customer doesn’t always know the solution; what they have is a problem or concern, and this is how their journey begins.

So whether you’re looking for laser tattoo removal in the Gold Coast, skin rejuvenation treatments, or a solution to reduce the appearance of pigmentation, we empower clients with the right information to help them confidently make an informed decision.

We understand that you rely on professionals to help you understand the process as well as the factors that can impact results. For any other type of laser treatment, you likely have a ton of questions.

How does the laser work?

How many sessions of laser until you see a difference?

Will the last treatments hurt? What do they feel like?

Is there any downtime following treatments?

At Gold Coast Laser Skin Clinic, we aim to deliver a personalised service. We take the time to listen to you and understand your concerns, prescribing a specialised treatment plan designed on a case-by-case basis.

We are also closely associated with Queensland plastic surgeon Dr Isolde Hertess. Dr Hertess is able to provide referrals to our clinic for treatments such as mole removal.

Interested in booking a consultation?

If you’re looking for skin treatments or professional tattoo removal in the Gold Coast, we invite you to visit our clinic, meet Neil, and get the conversation started.

We’ll listen to your pain points and goals, and help prescribe the right treatment that can deliver fantastic results!

To book an appointment or request a consultation, please give Neil a call on 0432 172 863. Alternatively, get in touch online and we will get back to you shortly.

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